Late payments - The reason PayPal

Dear members,

7 days ago PayPal blocked our account for 180 days.
Due to the large number of transactions, they estimated that our account was risky for them. After 7 years of work and hundreds of completed transactions, that is the only answer we managed to get from them.

The luck in the accident is that it happened at a time when our accounts were being emptied.
We've been waiting for a large number of payments from ad networks to continue making payments.
It is good that this happened at a time when those payments did not happen.

However, what is not good is that we had to cancel these payments to the ad networks and ask them to transfer that money to Webmoney in the future.

Some networks made this change immediately, but for some it is a process that takes days or weeks.

Importantly, the financial loss is minimal.

We are currently opening several PayPal accounts to cover future payments.

Webmoney is slowly filling up and payments continue.

We expect that by the end of October, all payments will go into the regular course of a maximum of 48 hours of waiting.

Thank you for your understanding and trust.

Enjoy your earnings and don’t worry. Team

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